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Robin Dail

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs & Professor, 
University of South Carolina College of Nursing

Dr. Dail is currently Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professor at University of South Carolina in the College of Nursing. She practiced as a neonatal nurse for 15 years, then as a neonatal nurse practitioner for 15 years before beginning her academic career. Dr. Dail studies thermal stability in premature infants to reduce morbidity and mortality related to hypothermia in this vulnerable population. Dr. Dail’s research has been funded by the National Institute of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, GE Healthcare as well as other foundations. Dr. Dail is a Robert Wood Johnson Nurse Faculty Scholar (2010-2013) and an Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership fellow (2016-2017) and was inducted into the American Academy of Nursing in 2014. Currently, Dr. Dail is leading a 5-year study funded by National Institute of Health & National Institute of Nursing Research (1R01NR017872) to examine body temperature and heart rate as a predictive measure for infection in very preterm infants.