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Susan Storey

Assistant Professor, Department of Community and Health Systems, Indiana University School of Nursing

Susan Storey is an Assistant Professor, Community Health & Systems at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis School of Nursing. Her program of research is influenced by over 25 years of clinical practice as an oncology Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) in an acute care setting. During her time as an APN, Dr. Storey noted that cancer survivors with diabetes seemingly had poorer health outcomes than cancer survivors without diabetes. This observation in the foundation for her program of research. Dr. Storey’s research is among some of the first to note that cancer survivors with diabetes had longer hospital length of stay, more neutropenic days and infections than cancer survivors without a diabetes diagnosis. In her more recent work, Dr. Storey has noted that cancer survivors with diabetes also report greater symptom burden (poorer physical function, peripheral neuropathy, attention function, sleep disturbance and fatigue). Currently, Dr. Storey is examining the role of blood glucose on patient reported symptoms. This is an important area of research as advances in treatment have extended the life span of cancer survivors increasing the likelihood of cancer survivors living with other comorbid conditions. Dr. Storey’s long-term goals are to develop tailored interventions to improve health-related outcomes and symptoms, thereby improving overall quality of life for cancer survivors with diabetes.